If not, relax with a drink in the square or along the harbor and watch the night come to life! Instead, we drove another hour to check out Peles Castle, which is considered to be one of the most stunning castles in Europe. Dalmatino: Dalmatino is also right in the stone alleys of the town and is known for being one of the bet restaurants in town, with more traditional dishes and also different flavors of Croatian rakija to sample with your meal. coast away from town – this is the best place to swim. See the Best of Northern Serbia: Easy 7-Day Serbia Itinerary, Tetovo Painted Mosque: Full Guide to the Best Skopje Day Trip, Lakes, Spomeniks & Old Bazaars: The Perfect North Macedonia Itinerary (7-10 Days), 21 Things to Do in Skopje: A Curated Guide to Europe’s Quirkiest Capital City, 12 Things to Do in Bitola, North Macedonia’s City of Consuls, Where to Buy Handmade Textiles, Souvenirs and Gifts in Tbilisi, Georgia. Either way, your road trip will start in Kotor and end in Budva, so bring your stuff and get started early! Airbnb: We stayed in this one (6 guests) but I recommend this one for smaller groups/central. For example, Slovenia charges vignettes of approximately 15 euros per week for a normal sized car, which is effectively a tax to use their roads. Die Definition vom Balkan und seinen zugehörigen Ländern ist nicht immer eindeutig – und passt damit doch so perfekt zu dieser Region, die einen wahren Schmelztiegel aus Vielfalt, Kulturen und Geschichte darstellt. ... be a small country, but it’s one packed with stunning outdoor places to see such as mountains and lakes. Also, my Montenegro road trip post that I linked to quite clearly a few times in the Montenegro section includes many more parts of Montenegro that I mentioned it would be great to go to if you had more time. or Galerija Motovun. There are a few grocery stores in town where you can get a bottle of wine and cups to drink on the steps of the square as you eat. Once you enter, the best advice I can give is to walk counter-clockwise, which is going to be the opposite way as most people. This country is clean, beautiful, green, and simply stunning. Base yourself in Stavna, a high alpine pasture dotted with traditional herdmen’s settlements (aka Katuns). Istria is often compared to Tuscany, and showcases a truly different side to Croatia than the southern coast. The driving style in the Balkans takes some getting used to, but that’s all part of the experience! Today you’ll be soaking up your last moments in Split. Below are the sights I recommend for today; don’t forget to check out my Mostar Travel Guide for more in-depth information about each. You can do a 12k hike around one side of Lake Bohinj, go river rafting in Bled, do an organized tour + boat ride to Bled Lake/Castle, or go canyoning in the Bohinj Valley. You can purchase them in advance online or get them from a store called Travel Corner in port Gruž. If not, Gaga Bar has great cocktails, and Charlie’s Bar is a great backpacker bar. After checking out the city yesterday, today it’s time to see why people from all over the world flock to swim in the waters of the Adriatic. Eventually you’ll come upon a pebbly beach where you can lay out and have a swim in the crystal clear water while gazing at a perfect view of the old walled town. When is the Best Time to Visit the Balkans? Tonight, grab a bit to eat at The Food House – a more casual and affordable yet authentic food option right outside the old town. Planning a Balkan Road Trip. Romania is one of those countries you can easily underestimate due to the lack of tourist attractions. Check out my guide for exploring Pocitelj. There are only 18 specific days below, so pick your favorite place(s) and add extra days in here and there to suit your needs (or go super fast like we did and do it in 17-18). You will probably end up arriving in the late afternoon/evening, giving you time to check into your accommodation and wander into town for dinner. Besides Slovenia, Montenegro, and Kosovo every single country operates with its … If you missed out on Cavtat during your first bout in Dubrovnik… you can visit on the way back today! There are also some really nice resorts that are quite removed. Love road trips? You can get takeaway snacks from bakeries like Bobis for very cheap, or Toto Burger has great burgers, Mama Burger has burgers and wraps, and M Cafe has lots of takeaway meals. Now, you will spend the next few hours exploring one of Croatia’s most beautiful and famous national parks, spotting fish in clear blue water, and marveling at waterfalls. 17 Awesome Things to Do in Novi Sad, Serbia – European Capital of Culture 2021! Recommended by Stephanie, Sofia Adventures. You can either admire Predjama from outside, or pay a bit extra to go inside. If you want to try something authentic, order the meat peka (meat slow-cooked on hot coals under a bell). This article has everything you need to know about planning your Balkans itinerary for an epic road trip. It’s now been converted into a museum. You’ll notice millions of pomegranate trees in the town – this area is known for them! While driving up, I wondered if we were in Yosemite National Park in the US. After a few days in capital observing the contrasts between Skopje’s sculpture-dotted city centre and the old Ottoman-era bazaar, drive west to the small town of Tetovo, home to one of the most stunning mosques in the Balkans region. In the summer months, it will be bustling even if you arrive around 7pm. I would recommend staying in or close to the old town since you won’t have much time here. 15 Spots on Balkans Road Trip 1) Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia. The next stop is Blagaj, where a historical tekija (a Dervish monastery) is set in a cliff near a spring of the Buna river. Start in Nis, the largest city in southern Serbia. The first day of driving from Podgorica, Montenegro’s capital, to the coast takes you over one of the most magnificent stretches of road anywhere in the region: the land bridge over Skadar Lake. Check out these tips for visiting Plitvice lakes for an in-depth look! But, what I am giving you here is the exact Balkans road trip itinerary that I did myself in September 2018, with extra recommendations if you have more time. The Balkan Peninsula is one of the most beautiful and sadly underrated part of Europe. Start your drive from the capital, Tirana, and head straight out to the beach town of Durres. Before I cross the Romanian border and head to Bucharest, I wanted to explore this historical city of Rese. Anyone who’s not used to hills should practice driving in manual. It’s a huge part of Korcula culture and a spectacle to see. It’s certainly one of the highlights of the country for me. If you’re a wine lover, it’s worth taking a day (or two) to explore the various wineries and learn about the unique history of this region. Airbnb: We stayed in this one – about a 10 minute walk from town. If you’re from California/Mexico you may not enjoy this Mexican food as much, but if you have been traveling and could use a Mexican fix, this food is really good. Slovenia has a thriving experimental craft beer culture, so be sure to try a pint of the local brew. Nis is a wonder for history lovers. They say that Korcula is the birth place of Marco Polo, and you can visit the Marco Polo house (where he is rumored to have been born), a Marco Polo museum, and tons of Marco Polo gift shops. Road vignettes and taxes are unavoidable when traveling through the Balkans, and each country has their own specific rules for these. As with most of my itineraries, this Balkans road trip is for those of you who like a bit of adventure and aren’t afraid to move at a fast pace to allow you to experience more. Simply take some photos of the lake below and marvel at the view of the Julian alps, which will be a big scenery change from the coasts. Not us!) At Night: I assume you’re very tired, so you might want to spend this night in! Or, continue straight to Petrovac, a small coastal settlement with a fortress. Recommended by Erika, Erika’s Travelventures. Split is the capital of the Croatian coast. Montenegro also uses euro. The 5th largest city in Bulgaria on the bank of Danube river and only 92 km south of Bucharest. A few years ago, I became infatuated by travelling by train in Europe. One of the unexpected highlights near the beginning of our trip had to be the stunning Brda region, which sits directly next to the Italian border. You’ll also find a great range of affordable restaurants selling fresh seafood. Start from Sarajevo and take the M5 to Foca. beautiful places to visit in Croatian Istria, My guide to the handsome walled city of Sighisoara. Read my guide to visiting Kravice waterfalls below for more info: After your swim, get changed and drive 10 minutes to the impressive hillside fortress of Počitelj. Airbnb: We stayed at Apartment Blue Sun Aurora – right in the middle of town. Have a wander around the old town – the shops will still all be open – and then choose somewhere to grab food (sit down or takeaway). If you have more time, you can follow my comprehensive Montenegro road trip route linked below (will take 2+ days). Catch a taxi to the airport in the morning, and there you are done and dusted! Discover Cars lets you filter by the exact features you need (for example, transmission type), and offers a full range of price and date options so you can find the best value for money. Driving from Berat to Skopje via Kosovo in one day would be a hell of a trip even if you can make it in one day. The first stop in Slovenia will be an incredible castle built into the  side of a cliff face – Predjama Castle. The Balkans is a region in Europe including the countries Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Greece and a portion of Turkey. There are loads of spots to check out so make sure you give yourself time to do it all (aka get going in the morning)! Saved your post for the future. Bosnians tend to drive fast and a bit reckless (I have seen several accidents), so be careful. As I made my way down the coast, Krka, Split and other small towns all made for excellent stopover points. I have a complete travel guide to Mostar, too! For a sit-down meal, try Bruschetta (delicious higher-end restaurant) or Restaurant Kastel. The true adventurers can squeeze highlights of both into one day by following the itinerary below. The last stop is Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital. Visit my Split guide for more in-depth info. Spring shoulder season would be a good compromise. The nature is a mix of Switzerland and Norway. Unless they've improved the terrible road since was driving around the Balkans a few years ago, even driving from Berat to Tirana is plenty for one day's drive. Alleyway Restaurants – there are tons of restaurants with tables in the narrow streets of old town. If you’re doing Airbnb, definitely get one inside the walls. Plitvice Lakes National Park + Pula Arena. With your own wheels, you can cover a whole country in a couple of days. Rise and shine, it’s time for your first full day! This time, planning a Balkans road trip itinerary. This is a tough question depending on where you want to go, but I will almost ALWAYS tell you May/June or September/October. Finally, head up to Vojvodina, an autonomous region of Serbia which used to be part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. When searching for a rental car in the Balkans, I highly recommend using Discover Cars. This Balkan road trip will take you from the capital, Pristina, to the most scenic town, Prizren, via Peja – gateway to the most breathtaking mountain scenery in Kosovo. Prizren is home to a large fortress located atop a hill – the perfect sunrise or sunset spot. After enjoying what Pristina has to offer, start your road trip by driving to Prizren via the M9. Our Romania road trip started in Bucharest, Romania’s capital, where we rented a small car for about 50 Euros for a little over a week. time in most of these places, and I know them well enough  to lead an actual tour around them, let alone a virtual one. Then you can drive around the various bays and beaches around Ksamil. Try Apartment Karampana for smaller/more central. It helps to share this journey with another driver if you’re going to attempt it in one day. Black Pepper: Black Pepper is a beautiful restaurant in an alleyway of Hvar that focuses on modern and creative twists on classic Croatian dishes. Most people know about Lake Bled, which is quite famous, but not Lake Bohinj, which is just 30 minutes away. Sveti Stefan – You can also do Sveti Stefan today (rather than yesterday) to spend more time there. Side trip: Visiting Skofja Loka as a day trip from Ljubljana. This beautiful Balkan country often gets the short end of the stick, with people only spending a couple of days in Belgrade. Sinaia was our last stop before heading back to Bucharest. As an Airbnb Associate, I earn when you book through my links. Veliko Tarnovo is perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria, being the old capital of the country in the period 1185-1396. Rather than drive straight to Motovun, which is where you’ll be spending the night, I recommend driving the the capital of Istria, Pula, first. Now you have a full day to explore Mostar! Make sure you have a navigation system (even if offline Google Maps) to guide you on your way, as signs will obviously be in Croatian. Today is Day 15 of my Balkans Road Trip, stayed overnight in Ruse border town in Bulgaria. Today jump on a boat tour of the Elaphite islands, which are gorgeous islands just outside the city’s port. You could definitely spend longer in Bosnia + Herzegovina. This Montenegro road trip itinerary concentrates on the one and only Bay of Kotor, with a stopover at Skadar Lake plus a few nights on Montenegro’s southern coast. End your Serbia trip in Subotica. Podgorica/Niksic – These are two main Montenegrin cities/capital that you can drive through on your way through the countryside. Here’s how to travel between Rovinj and Pula by bus. by KimmConn | Jun 11, 2019 | Adventurous Itineraries, Blog, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Destination, Europe, Montenegro, Slovenia | 2 comments. You could even relax on the beach all day! Your Balkans road trip itinerary conveniently begins and ends in Dubrovnik – you’re welcome Dubrovnik is one of the most famous cities in Europe and pretty much like a fairytale in real life. Driving here is stunning (though streets tend to be narrow in parts). We stayed in this one and had a great experience (with 5 of us). You can access a number of day hiking trails from these valleys, though trail markings aren’t always ubiquitous, or clear. The next day, visit the main attractions around the area: The Merry Cemetery and a prison transformed in museum. However, I recommend taking it slow and spending maybe two days in each place. I expertly crafted this Balkan travel itinerary according to my group’s pace and needs, using my four years worth of knowledge from the Balkans and a wee bit of research. Hostel – Hostel Korčula is the most well-rated and central, Hotel – Hotel Korčula is central with a great view. Make sure to give yourself enough time to visit Shipka, which is about thirty minutes from Buzludzha. If you only have one day, you can follow the stops below. After Split, drive along the coast to Croatia’s capital of adventure, Omis, where you can have fun doing zip-lining, rafting or rock climbing. Follow the map route for the best self-guided views in Plitvice Lakes National Park, bring your camera, and prepare for a bit of walking! If you’re planning a Balkan road trip, be sure not to overlook Romania! First and foremost, make sure that your car has the proper insurance so you are able to cross the border. When arriving in Prizren, take at least one day to explore Kosovo’s most picturesque city. The drive would be 6.5 hours to Mostar without stopping, or 7.5 hours with it (plus however long you want to spend there – I recommend 2 hours). From Veliko Tarnovo, the road trip continues to Kazanlak, crossing the Balkan Mountains and the Shipka Pass. ... March 15, 2020 at 7:19 am One of the best ways to explore western Crete is to take a road trip from Chania to Rethymno. You can plan your itinerary to include stops at several additional Communist Monuments. Book now and save with TourRadar.com! It will take 1.5 to 2 hours to drive to Croatia’s most famous National Park, Plitvice Lakes, from  which you will drive to Istria. Last year I spent one month exploring Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Montenegro and that 21 days could have easily been extended into a three or four-month trip, at least. There’s also a very early one and a late one, maybe more dependent on the time of year. First, visit the Pula Arena (ancient colosseum), which will be l it up even at night. The castle itself has an amazing history and some shocking features, so be sure to enter the cave! Today you have a full day to explore Kotor! road trip balkan Če je vsaj malo Balkanca v tebi potem zagotovo moraš narediti road trip po Balkanu. After Prizren, it’s time to drive to Peja in the northern part of Kosovo. You’ll want to have breakfast in the accommodation and head back to the car quite early – by 8 or 9am. It’s best to start this trip in the capital city, Podgorica. Here’s how to travel between Rovinj and Pula by bus. Next, drive to the other end of Lake Bohinj (Ribcev Laz) and park. Visit Discover Cars and plug in your dates to see what’s available, my top tips for a successful road trip in Montenegro. We travelled mostly in winter and found most cities were nice and quiet. Shkoder itself has many charming pedestrian pathways where you can relax on a cafe terrace or go for drinks at a quirky pub. Although a Balkan road trip is always a good idea I would suggest you to avoid the peak season July and August. You can rent one from Balkan Campers to combine cooking, sleeping, and driving all in one package! You can even backpack around the Balkans if you’d rather. You’ll then visit some Croatian National parks, Istria (northern Croatia), Slovenia, Bosnia + Herzegovina, and Montenegro. We touch on the main sights of Mostar in this Balkans road trip itinerary, but if you have more time, you could spend a couple days in Bosnia’s capital, Sarajevo. Stay the night in Smolyan and the next day, take a mini road trip to the nearby authentic village of Shiroka Luka and the stunning Trigrad Gorge leading to the Yagodinska Cave. Leaving from Sofia, the drive winds through the Central Balkan Mountains in the Central Balkan National Park, which has the distinction of being a Tentative UNESCO World Heritage Site. One part of the park has larger lakes and taller waterfalls, whereas the other part has tons of smaller waterfalls above each other. If you want to get the most out of Istria, plan to spend at least one week exploring this lovely region. After picking up your rental car, begin your journey inland to the Komovi mountains. Stop off for a swim, lunch, and maybe a bit of shopping! Stay another/a few more days and spend some time wind surfing, relaxing on the shore, or exploring other places around the island such as Lumbarda. Landing in Sofia and wanting to hit Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Choose your own adventure! Stop at Shipka Pass and climb to the top of the Monument to Freedom for some amazing views.

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